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Now you can realize your long-cherished ambition to become a published author faster and more effectively than you ever dreamed possible! We can turn your manuscript into an instantly accessible online publication, organize the supply of hard copy versions of your book, and produce a professional bespoke website for the promotion and sales of your book(s)!

Professionally Formatted

They say you should never judge a book by its cover... That may or may not be entirely true! (A good cover certainly helps to grab potential readers' interest and can boost your sales), but what is certainly true is that people will judge a book by its formatting!

A poorly laid out book will be a turn-off for the reader. Kindle knows this and won't even publish your book until the format is correct. Sadly it can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience to achieve the correct format...

BUT it is not a problem for you if you use the services of Caduceus Publishing... simply send us the manuscript and leave the formatting to us!

Friendly Service

We're not ones to boast! But what you can certainly expect when you become a published author using Caduceus Publishing's services is that we will always be friendly, helpful and approachable. Our aim is to make the transition from desktop manuscript to fully published Kindle book, on Amazon, available to millions of readers as simple, enjoyable and stress-free as possible for you. We can also publish your book in popular pdf format for personal sales via a bespoke website, and arrange the supply of hard-copies too! And all while you focus on the real business of writing knowing you can contact us with any queries you have at any time.

Fast To Market

No frustrating months (or years) to 'get published'. No soul-destroying letter after letter from 'less-than-astute', old-fashioned, risk-averse publishing houses. See your book on the virtual bookshelf in Amazon's online book store in a matter of days. Have you book supplied by post in hard copy without spending thousands on vanity-publishing and a pile of books cluttering in your front-room for years -- and no money left in the bank!

Contact Caduceus Publishing today to find out more and 'get-published' fast, efficiently, and economically... and potentially earning money from day-one off every copy that is sold!

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About Our Services:

Our kindle conversion service offers authors and publishing houses a quick and easy way to turn book manuscripts into professional formatted Kindle books. Our services are extremely competitive and we are fully confident that we can take your book and have it ready to go into the the hands of every Kindle reader within the shortest possible time.

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